Action Plan - by AG 2 - "EU Policy and Cuba"

In the working group we had very rich discussions, and representatives from the different countries reported about their activities and experiences to date on the issue “EU and the Common Position on Cuba”.

The following joint activities were proposed:

  1. Joint letter to the respective current EU Presidency (formerly Denmark and Cyprus; in 2013 it will be Ireland); also to be continued in the future. [Germany]
  2. Calling on governments and parliaments in Europe to vote positively in the UN General Assembly in favor of the Cuban resolution against the U.S. blockade, and demand concrete action to end the U.S. blockade (the vote is on Nov. 13, 2012)
  3. Relief efforts for the elimination of the damage caused by hurricane SANDY (and advance work regarding future hurricanes and natural disasters, etc.)
  4. Implementation of coordinated “action months” with respect to the national parlia­ments and the European Parliament with the goal to inform about and intensify the pressure against the EU-Common Position as well as the U.S. blockade: [Germany]
  5. Collecting, analyzing and drafting of appropriate information materials (including examples of the negative consequences of the U.S. blockade against Cuba in European countries) and their broad and targeted distribution [Luxemburg]
  6. Support of economic relations with Cuba (information on investment opportunities)
  7. Use of social media regarding selected current events and topics (twitter, video clips)

The Cuba network will create a documentation of working group discussions and comple­ment this with questions relating to implementation and support ("who wants to coordinate that activity?") This information will be sent to all participants. This is to ensure that at least some of the actions will be implemented.

For three of the “proposals for action” groups have already been declared responsible: 1, 4 and 5. For some solidarity groups, there is a need to get the agreement of their local board members.

The German Cuba Network will also attempt from time to time to check with the respective responsible groups whether the specific activities have been started and to what extent they are successful.

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