Action Plan of Workshop 3: Media Politics

 In this workshop various positive and negative experiences with traditional media as well as with new ones were discussed.

We agreed that we will have to make use of all the media to enable an impartial coverage about Cuba and to break the blockade imposed by the mainstream media. A European cooperation of the solidarity movement and an efford to cope with language barriers were considered necessary.

 The following activities were decided on or brought on their way respectively.

1.         European coordination group

A European coordination group was set up consisting of companer@s from Serbia, Greece, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In order to make the concerted work and communication easier there will be an unmoderated mailing list eurocuba_coord (for which Netzwerk Cuba will be responsible). Whether this list can be widened into a general list for all the European solidarity groups to exchange information about activities waiting to be done will have to be discussed further. Other persons interested in this work can subscribe by sending a mail to

2.         European website

Based on the already existing website which Netzwerk Cuba installed (in five languages) for the preparation of the European Meeting a common European website will be set up. As a first step this site will provide links to all groups in Europe we know of. It is meant to serve as a central point both for people who are interested in Cuba and looking for information and for companer@s who want to know what is going on in the European solidarity movement. The coordination group will be in charge of the extension of the links. This group will also have to discuss who in addition to Netzwerk Cuba should be responsible for the maintenance of this site. In a second step there shall be a discussion in what further ways this site can be used to support our work.

3.         Documentation of the European Meeting

The documentation of the European Meeting will occur on that site as well under

4.         Pool of translators

In order to overcome language barriers lists for German, English, Spanish and French were passed around into which several companer@s have already entered. These lists still have to be evaluated and the coordination group will consider how we want to work with them.

The coordination group will exchange information about activities regularly and analyze emerging difficulties or problems.

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