Concrete agreements of the commission on the Cuban Five

1) Mutual information regarding activities planned and realized on the case of the Cuban Five using as common e-mail-address ->

a. The groups represented in the session are willing and accepted sending information related to activities / actions planned and realized on their local, regional, national level sending a short text (max. 1 page DIN A 4) at least in Spanish or English (and their “national” language) to that e-mail-address ->

b. To make this exchange possible, an email list will be created in CRM system. Responsible for this is Katrien Demuynck

c. On that behalf all participants of the working group on the Encuentro Europeo de Solidaridad con Cuba checked their e-mail-addresses on the list accepting, that they would be the ones where to direct the mutual information

2) To guarantee the mutual information and to facilitate the possibility of inter-group communication a “comisión de concertación” was proposed and accepted by unanimous voting. The six compañer@s (from 6 countries) integrating the commission are

- Katrien Demuynck, Belgium
- Manuel López, Ucrania
- Rob Miller, Great Britain
- Marco Papaccio, Italy
- Vania Ramírez León, Sweden
- Petra Wegener, Germany

These compañer@s are responsible for:

- establishing and maintaining the exchange of information related to local/regional/national activities regarding the Cuban Five

- using the e-mail-address -> from where the distribution will be effected and guaranteed

The commission has to be in contact to evaluate the progress/results of that kind of work within about 6 months via a direct contact (face to face or by phone/skype, etc.) in a form to be defined.

3) The representatives of the groups supported the proposal to organize an important European Hearing as made by the IADL (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DEMOCRATIC LAWYERS) and introduced by Jan Fermont and Katrien Demuynck (Belgium), subject to the organizations agreement.

It was voted unanimously for trying to be held in spring 2014

a. Organizing this hearing includes a financial contribution to raise the funds necessary, aspect which was outlined very clearly

b. The first step to be done is to present the first project of the framework necessary for such an hearing

c. Two compañer@s of the commission of commitments, Katrien Demuynck and Rob Miller accepted being in charge of the (first) co-ordination regarding the hearing. For that they will collaborate closely with Jan and the IADL (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DEMOCRATIC LAWYERS) as organization.

d. In February/March 2013 they will circulate all the information related to the feasibility to organize the hearing and to the conditions which will need being fulfilled

4) The organizations are willing to cooperate in the collection of video messages by important personalities, in favor of the freedom of the five. The coordination of this work is done by the comrades from Italy

5) On September 12, 2013, the 15th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five, we will organize actions for the freedom of the Five in front of all U.S. embassies and consulates in Europe, to ensure that as many reports possible from this diplomatic missions reach Washington.

6) In addition, the action plan of the working group was adopted as a basis for a national implementation, depending on the specific conditions in each country.

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