My name is Patrizia Petriaggi Buenastarde.

I am a member of the National Association of Friendship Italy Cuba. First I want to thank the organizers of this Symposium. I hope this is an opportunity to realize all the efforts made by all organizations and committees that are present here and working in solidarity with Cuba and in solidarity with the Five.

Try not to steal other participants time I`m raising directly the proposal of our Association on the subject of Five. In April of this year we had the opportunity to present our private idea to Washington, the International Committee to Free the Five, during the "5 days for the Five" and at ICAP who defined the project as a highest priority project. In a few days I will present our delegation in Havana during the Eighth International Meeting at Five.

I will illustrate the details of the project.


Organize an international media appeal to the U.S. President to demand the release of the Five


An appeal for greater strength has to be expressed in chorus, unequivocally and directly to U.S. President

Since a concomitant presence of all important characters in the world of culture, politics, sports, entertainment and Nobel laureates who have supported the cause of the Five is practically impossible to perform for various personal reasons, professional endeavors, rather than origin, etc., it was thought that a possible way, fast, accessible and affordable for all and above all that it costs nothing, could be Internet and social network.


All speakers and those who support the cause of the five global

Who is included?

All movements, committees, associations of solidarity with the Five worldwide, newspapers, broadcasting stations and social networks.

How is it done?

By a video message (MEDIA APPEAL) that includes a free part and ends with a phrase that is the same for everyone. The video can be done with a camera or during a call by skype (this can be done at home too).

The expected number is 10 frames per prisoner, so 50 celebrities are asked therefore to have 50 videos.

How to articulate the message

Name and first name of the person (eg, I'm Danny Glover)

Profession: I'm an actor

A short speech about the case of the Five, such injustice against their families, or the total silence of the Western media about this case, or encourage other colleagues to make the same call for the release of the five, etc.

Final part of the video message: "Mr. President, yes, you can release the five!"

Time: 120 seconds MAX.

Video Typology message: Quick Time H264 or mp4 in 16:9

Details for conducting

1. Every movement, committee, association of solidarity, of their own nation, the recordings will post videos of their characters;

2. Each committee will have to translate the texts of the videos of his characters into English and / or Spanish;

3. Each committee will have to share their OWN videos and translations of texts relating to other foreign committees when they arrive in the videos - so you can use a ftp server that has the container or use the function yousendit (technical information by e-mail or telephone);

4. Each committee will have its own language subtitling in all videos received from other committees in English and / or Spanish;

5. Each committee will create an account on YouTube with the name freethefivenombrenación, eg freethefiveitalia and launch, to the date decided, all videos of his characters and of the other committees subtitled in their own language - it is obvious that the video messages should not have public dissemination before the agreed date;

6. Five days before the publication of the video-messages, each committee will organize a count-down through a massive advertising in social network daily and through possible contacts online and traditional media, concerted advertising and the same for everyone e.g. "within X days there will be a very important media event."

7. Contact newspapers and radio and television stations in order to publish an article or announce the release of the video on the same day as a media event.

The successful implementation of this initiative needs the power and the will of all, we need to move forward with something concrete in hand, go beyond the words without stopping in front of the objective difficulties. We must treat Ramon Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando and René as our brother, our husband, our father.

The strength of the project is group work, is in the ability to engage in social and emotional meaning for those who come contacted by us and offer their images for this cause. Besides the fundamental element consists of the strategy of hope it is important because of the level of expectation that he creates.

From the organizational point of view it will be necessary to create a coordination group to follow all the activities, progress and have an updated list of participating committees and available videos. The coordinating will be important also for exchange of information.

Finally, I would ask you whether you share such a project with us and strive together for the realization.

Thanks for your attention

The Cuban Five will return

Always forward to victory

Patrizia Petriaggi

National Association Italy-Cuba Friendship-Rome Circolo

To demonstrate just how easy record a video message I brought a concrete example made during a short break at the Washington meeting with a camcorder common. The protagonist is the actor Danny Glover.

Unfortunately we do not have time to show the video but for all who are interested I have here a copy I can demonstrate to you interested in seeing it.


Nobel Prizes that signed the appeal (Dario Fo escuildo)

José Ramos-Horta

Rigoberta Menchú

Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Maired Corrigan Maguire

Günter Grass

Jose Saramago

Nadine Gordimer

Wole Soyinka

Zhores Alferov


Nelson Mandela

Frei Betto

Noam Chomsky

Oliver Stone

Susan Sarandon

Jackson Browne

Benicio Del Toro

Elliott Gould

Michael Moore

Whoopi Goldberg

Sean Penn

Ken Loach

Diego Armando Maradona

Oscar Pistorius

Manu Chao


Joan Baez

Patty Smith

Gerard Depardieu

Alain Delon

Bruce Springsteen

Bono (U2)

Ute Lemper

And of course all the other personalities contacted by you (and there are many) and all that you think are important.

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