Declaration "Freedom for the Cuban 5"

The participants of the 16th European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

September 12th 2012, marked the beginning of the 15th year of the unjust imprisonment of Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labaniño, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González.  

Working to prevent acts of terrorism against their homeland Cuba, the Five were unjustly arrested, subjected to a trial on false charges with flawed procedures conducted in a hostile setting created by a media paid for by the Government of United States of America to create a prejudicial environment.

We condemn the unjust treatment of the Five during the trial and their subsequent incarceration and the inhuman treatment of their families denying visitation rights to Adriana Perez and Olga Salanueva.

In all those years we have worked together to establish a network of solidarity which has contributed in putting the case on the agenda of the United Nations, Amnesty International, numerous parliaments, as well as trade unions and social movements in Europe. We have sought the support of prominent personalities, lawyers, cultural figures and intellectuals.  We are conscious however that all this has not yet brought about their liberty and that more needs to be done.

We have, therefore, to concentrate our efforts to increase the awareness of the case of the Five in Europe and to try to assist the struggle for justice for the Five in the United States of America itself. We recognise that there is almost total silence in the media about the case of the Five in the USA and that it is more difficult there than anywhere else in the world to promote the campaign for justice for the Five.  Nevertheless we recognise that this is a vital task for the solidarity movement in Europe.

We wish to unite our strengths and forces in effective activities that will impact on the views of the governments of our respective countries and that will, in turn,change the position of the Administration of President Obama in the United States.  We have to be more ambitious to achieve a stronger impact that will reach out to win broad support in political parties, trade unions and in society generally for this campaign.  We need to increase publicity on the case using all the private, public and social media channels available to us.

For this reason, in the course of 2013, we plan to liaise on our activities and seek to coordinate them wherever possible.  To realize this we will set up a working group.

We agree to coordinate joint activities on the 12th of September each year, in solidarity with the Five in all the countries across Europe.

We will ask prominent people to make short statements that can be used as video messages to promote the case of the Five.

We will to seek to establish an international commission of inquiry to expose the unjust treatment that the Five have received and its findings will be addressed to the President and the Attorney General of the United States of America and more widely used to encourage the development of the campaign to Free the Five.

We will undertake to obtain the maximum publicity for the affidavit of Martin Garbus to set aside the convictions of the Cuban Five, based on the revelations of new evidence relating to the remunerating of journalists by the US government with the objective of creating a hostile environment in which the case would be heard.

We are very much aware that it is necessary to double our efforts to demand the immediate and unconditional release of all of the Five, Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labaniño, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González. We will not accept neither the monitored freedom of René, nor the reduction of the unjust sentences of Antonio, Ramón and Fernando, because that would mean to accept that Gerardo will never get out of his maximum security prison where he is passing an iniquitous double life sentence.

We therefore affirm our commitment to campaign for their immediate and unconditional release!

We will fight for the liberation of the Five.


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