Proposal and topics for the working group 1 ˝Los Cinco˝

Preparations in advance

1. Formation of working group and appointment of chairman and speakers

2. Draft of a declaration of the meeting for the release of the Cuban 5

3. Proposal for an action plan of the working group Los Cinco, main topic is the proof of the possibility of the realization of a "Hearing" in Europe

4. Determination of the organizational conditions of reciprocal information, coordination and the realization of joint activities between solidarity groups in Europe

5. Translation of proposals into Spanish, German, English (Russian?)


Katrien Demuynck (Cuba Socialista, Belgium), Brigitte Schiffler (Netzwerk Cuba, Germany), Petra Wegener (Netzwerk Cuba, Germany), Josie und Dirk Brüning (both from Committee ¡Basta Ya!, Germany)


Katrien Demuynck (Belgium), Elizabeth Palmeiro (Cuba)


The political dimensions of the case have to be underlined (as being a result of terror and the blockade) as well as the violations of human rights (Law, court case, conditions of imprisonment, relation to the relatives). The campaign has to be extended in considering the circumstances of the different countries, more attention has to be established in the media, mutual information about public relations and intensive joint action on a European level and safeguard of a continuous and coordinated cooperation on a European level should be arranged (an European office for coordination with comprehensive working plan and plan of activities with personal meetings for at least once a year, for example on the occasion of “Che presente” in Belgium).


1. Compilation of the results of already existing committees and the specific national experiences and features of past campaigns and about contacts and the capacity to act of the solidarity groups in the different countries – cooperation partners, sympathizers (NGO´s, scientists - esp. lawyers, student representatives, political parties, parliaments, women´s organizations, unions, churches, media etc.). What is successful and should be extended? (i.e. making contact and have relations with well-known personalities and use their relations to others; effective media  work and public relations; relevance of letters to the editor; practical use of new media like facebook and other social communities, blogs, YouTube and their problems).

2. Future cooperation of the committees for the liberation of the 5 with the solidarity movement with Cuba in the different countries, creation of organizational conditions and a joint base of cooperation of the European solidarity groups or at least the strengthening of the previous cooperation. Where are the difficulties, what has to be changed? What has to be managed? For example press work coordination on a European level, activation of a shared European webside/blogs and a mailing list of organisations, producing a pool of addresses from well-known personalities for target groups.

3. Future cooperation with the International Committee and the significance of strengthening of the solidarity work in the USA.

4. Proposal of an action plan for the international level (EU and Europe, USA) including aspects of arts and culture with joint action at specific dates and the planning of a big activity in 2013 or 2014 "Charge against the USA because of violations of human rights" (Exchange opinions about the possibility for realization of an European Hearing and resolution).

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