Proposal for a plan of actions to "Free the Cuban 5"

1 a) Fortification of the campaign for the liberation of the 5

Evaluation of results for the Days of Solidarity with the Five“, which took place in Washington D.C. between April 17th and April 21st by the International Committee

Coordinate demonstrations in front of US-Embassies and US-Consulates in all European Countries on September 12th. 

Expedite the efforts to strengthen the campaign of the European diaspora within the United States. 

Initiated a coordinated execution of demonstrations in front of the US-embassies and Consulates on the occasion of March 18th as international day of the political prisoners and other important centenaries.

Encouragement of public events with a political or cultural character such as concerts, exhibitions of the drawings of Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez as well as further ideas in the context of the 5.

The organization of marches, demonstrations and other types of manifestation showing clearly the banners with the 5.

The dispatch of letters to popular personalities of politics, religion, trade unions and culture, requesting support for the liberation of the 5 by putting pressure on the President of the United States.

Transmission of solidarity messages in the case of the 5 to personalities of political live and authorities in the US, as well as international organizations and institutions. 

Promote the delivery of declarations towards mass media and the public opinion in order to draw attention to the case as a matter of violation of human rights, especially what is happening to Olga Salanueva and Adriana Pérez, who were not allowed to see their husbands since they have been arrested.

Create awareness of the public opinion for the danger René González is facing while being forced to rest in Miami for three more years among survey of the authorities and put pressure on a quick return to Cuba.

Push forward the work with Europeans residents of the United States especially in those countries where there are important groups who could contribute to a strengthening of the campaign.

1 b) Fortification of the work of the existing committee for liberation of the 5

Organize a steady exchange between the individual committees and organizations of solidarity with Cuba.

Work on the strengthening of the existing committees and only push the creation of new committees where it makes sense and is considered useful for the campaign.

Learn from the experiences in order to achieve greater effect with our activities within the civil society: Conferences, solidarity events and other activities for part of the committees.

Continuous evaluation of the work of the committees in coordination wit the solidarity movement for the liberation of the 5.

As part of the campaign, simultaneous activities should be promoted happening at the same time all over Europe.

2) Push the campaign for liberation of the 5 in other areas of the civil society

Expansion of campaigns and activities into all areas of the European civic society. A special emphasis should be placed on trade unions, religious groups and women’s organizations, NGOs, students and science, among others.

Gain important people with positive reputation within the civil society to support the case and may have a mobilizing effect.

Develop some kind of work with jurisprudent organizations and their associations in general in order to achieve a judicial support in the case of the 5.

Amplification of the campaign in the field of arts and culture. One of the targets is to make the case visible. Exhibitions of the drawings of Tony and the burlesques of Gerardo

3) Increase of media presence in the case of the 5

  • To find out which local and alternative media (radio, cable TV, webpages, bulletins, etc) allow the solidarity movement to publish information about the case.

  • We must achieve that articles about the case of 5 are published in newspapers, yearbooks and other publications that are bound to youth- or educational centres or meeting points for workers and employees as well as centres and meetings points for trade unions as well as cultural and religious institutions.

  • Wherever we have the possibility, we should make use of our influence on parliamentarians in order to advance resolutions which condemn the arrest of the 5.

  • Wherever we do not have those possibilities we might at least try to get political groups or personalities to express themselves in favour of the Case.

4) Improve the coordination on an international and national level between the individual institutions as well as among the committee and the solidarity movement

  • Stronger promotion of coordination activities within the European countries supporting the campaign.

  • Development of a European action plan to be presented on the occasion of the European Solidarity Meeting.

  • The Solidarity networks in each country must comply to their role of being responsible for the coordination of national and international activities in the case of the 5.

  • Systematic contact and exchange with numerous organizations treating with the case of the 5.

  • Organize a European Hearing about the Case of the 5 and an Investigative Commission with well known personalities in order to take influence on the government of the United States.

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