Hearing Cuban Five

The case of the Cuban Five is going on for 15 years.  A lot of good initiatives on a local and international level have made the case known by the worldwide public opinion. The legal process is still running, but it is clear that the case is political and that the solution will essentially be political. We have to go on with the work we are doing, but at the same time we should look for actions that have a more important impact than what we can reach with only solidarity activists. We need to go to a higher level. We have to think out of the box and look for important support.

Proposition to organize a hearing

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights (ELDH) support the idea to organise a hearing on the Cuban Five.

The hearing should be prepared by lawyers, in direct contact with the defence lawyers of the Cuban Five and the solidarity movement. The solidarity movement has an important role in the organisation of the hearing, to make the initiative known, to help to build the commission etc.

Three parts:

-       terror against Cuba

-       role of the Cuban Five

-       fair trial

 The commission:

We should look for internationally respected personalities on the field of human rights as are Theo van Boven, Desmond Tutu, Thomas Hammarberg, Shirin Ebady…


The hearing should be organised in a country where there is a strong solidarity movement and strong organisation of progressive lawyers.  The European parliament could be a place. London could also be a good place, because of the additional advantage of evident ties between the US and the UK that could favour the impact in the public opinion in the US and on the US government.


The results of the commission could be brought personally by one of the commission members to the US government (president, attorney general)

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