Declaration "Freedom for the Cuban 5" (Draft)

On September 12th 2012, year 15 of injustice has started for Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labaniño, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González. For eleven years now we have been leading a campaign for their liberation, since the day of the unjustified sentence on June 8th, 2001.

 In all those years we have established a network of solidarity which has been able to put the case on the agenda of the United Nations, Amnesty International, numerous parliaments, as well as important trade unions and social movements. We have the support of personalities of society and culture, but all this is still not enough.

 We, therefore, have to concentrate our efforts and support on the struggle in the United States. The country, with the most enormous silence in the media, where is more difficult than anywhere else in the world to lead the campaign for liberation of the Five.

We have to more ambitious and think bigger to achieve a stronger effect that overcomes the actual limits of our solidarity movements. We wish to unite our strengths and forces in strong activities that will affect the government of the United States.

 For this reason, in the course of the year 2013, we are planning to establish an international commission of inquiry about the contraventions of the US government in the case of the Five. The results of this commission will be addressed to the President of the United States and the Attorney General.

 We are very much aware that it is necessary to double our efforts.

We have no time to lose. We will not accept neither the monitored freedom of René, nor the reduction of the unreasonable judgements of Antonio, Ramón and Fernando, because that would mean to accept, that Gerardo will never get out of his maximum security prison where he is passing an iniquitous double life sentence.

His condemnation is a scandalous not only due to lack of evidences but also with regard to the recently discovered remuneration of celebrity journalists by US government for massive interference in the opinion towards the accused.

 We therefore affirm our commitment:

We will fight for the liberation of the Five.


 The participants of the 16th European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba


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