Humanitarian aid to Cuba due to Hurricane SANDY


Humanitarian aid to Cuba due to Hurricane SANDY

November 11, 2012

The 140 participants at the three-day XVI. European Meeting of Cuba-Solidarity in Berlin (Germany) have been informed by several Cuban experts about the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy in the east-cuban provinces.
Hurricane "Sandy" has recently caused immense damage in several provinces of the Caribbean island and, for example, destroyed parts of the city of Santiago de Cuba.
With wind speeds of over 180 km / h, nine-meter high tidal waves (over twice as high as caused by Sandy in New York) and heavy rainfall have destroyed numerous houses, infrastructure, agricultural production areas etc. Despite the prudent precautions eleven people were regrettably killed, many more than for many years. According to the latest inventory 200,000 residential buildings were damaged and countless homes destroyed. The UN World Food Program, said: "Sandy is possibly the single most destructive hurricane experienced by eastern Cuba in the last 50 years."
The participants from over 30 countries in Europe and Central Asia also mention that the mainstream media coverage of the damage caused by hurricane damage in the Caribbean was mentioned rarely, whereas the situation in New York is described in detail and haunting. This is another example of the scandalous double standards in
the western countries with regard to Cuba.
The elaborate and costly security arrangements in Cuba were made, despite the difficult economic situation and they prevented worse damage and more casualties.
The very next day after the hurricane the cleanup work began. The UN and international aid agencies have praised the quality of the Cuban crisis management and repeatedly recommended it as a model. This should be especially appreciated those people in Europe who want to promote human rights.
Due to the exceptional severity of the destruction and damage caused by the hurricane Sandy in Cuba we call the citizens, social organizations and churches, as well as governments in Europe and the EU to submit extensive donations, relief goods and funds to help in Cuba.


Donation Account: Netzwerk Cuba e.V.

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