Message fom the Cuban 5

Dear sisters and brothers who got together to hold this XVI. European Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba here in Berlin, Germany!

We are deeply moved to be able to reach you here despite the immense amount of problems and difficulties you are all confronted with in your own countries. And we are very impressed that above this all you are still ready to give your best and all your humanity to defend the rights and nobility of other peoples and brothers.

On the 31st of October we were confronted with the following news in the newspaper Russia today, I would like to cite for you:

“The unemployment rate in the Euro-region has increased by two tenth during the month of September and reached a new record level of 11.6 per cent. According to economist Mikel Noval the European leaders do exactly the opposite of what they had to do to rescue the countries from the deep crises.

In Spain the unemployment rate reached 25.8 per cent in September – three tenth more as in August – and was so far the highest rate among the members of the Euro-region.

In the meantime the president of the Spanish government took the floor in front of the parliament to explain the results of the meeting of European Council in mid of October. He emphasized that the European Union is moving forward, but unfortunately very slowly.

Besides this president Rajoy appreciated the cooperation of the European Union to rescue the Iberian country from the crisis.

According to the economist Mikel Noval the European leaders “have to change their very false policy. They have to improve the social protection and not to hand out the money to the banks and modify the financial and tax budget into this direction. That means they have to do the opposite of what they are doing at the moment,” the expert emphasized.

During last week Madrid changed into a scene for up to 80 demonstrations and strikes blocking many arterial roads of the capital. (…)”

Because of this reality and of many other reasons we, the Cuban Five, understand very well the exceptional efforts you undertook to be here today united in the fight for life, for peace and a better world without wars and crises as well as for a shining future for all mankind. United because of Cuba fighting continuously against the cruel blockade, the misinformation media attacks about the Cuban reality and for freeing us Five.

We like to give you all the tenderness, affection and gratitude of us Cuban Five, of all our families and of the Cuban people for what you gave to us of true and solid sympathy during all the long years of political imprisonment.

You should know that we are part of your daily fight, your aims and intensions, too.

We wish you a lot of success during the working meetings at this important event during which you will – as we know - strengthen your connections and your solid work for the well-being of our native country.

Until the wonderful day will come when we will be able to embrace you in freedom, let me sent you the strong hugs of the Cuban Five on this way.

All united we will win!

Long live the solidarity between the European peoples and Cuba!

Forever till victory!


Rene Gonzalez

Gerardo Hernandez

Antonio Guerrero

Fernando Gonzales

Ramon Labanino Salazar


FCI. Jesup, Georgia, Nov. 2012

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