Final Declaration

of the XVI. European Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba

held in Berlin from 9th till 11th of November 2012

The 120 participants of the European Meeting for Solidarity and Friendship with Cuba coming from 30 countries and representing 54 organizations address the European governments and the institutions of the European Union. They are asked to demand of the government of the United States of America to raise immediately the unlawful economic, trading and financial blockade imposed on the Cuban people by the United States for half a century. Above that the delegates demand the release of the five Cuban fighters against terrorism who have been arrested in US prisons for 14 years after they had been convicted in a manipulated trial. These are those five Cubans who were tried unlawfully and unjustified because of their activities to prevent attempts on innocent people’s lives while in the meantime real terrorists like Posada Carriles are allowed to live a free life on the streets of the USA. We also demand the entry permit to the United States for Olga Salanueva and Adriana Pérez, the wives of René González and Gerardo Hernández, who have been denied their right of visiting the prisoners.

We request all European countries to distance themselves clearly from the aggressive policy of the US-administration interfering with the internal affairs of Cuba. And we request the European Union to raise its “common position”. There had never been a “position” like this on any other nation of the world. And it doesn’t fit the point of view among the people of Europe.

We request the European Union to take a position on Cuba basing on equality and fairness. We also demand that the European Union stops its participation in holding the US-blockade and to engage considerably for raising it. At the same time we appreciate that a lot of European countries developed their bilateral relations with Cuba.

In our home countries we are going to fight for ending the European policy of the “common position”. At the same time we will engage for the development and increase the bilateral relations between our respective countries and Cuba. Also we will fight unremittingly for the return of Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Fernando Gonzáles, René Gonzáles and Antonioo Guerrero into their home country.

Additional to that we request the European Union to end the policy of double standards and to engage emphatically for closing the concentration camp in the US-marine base Guantánamo and for returning this territory to its legal owner, the Cuban people.

In the middle of the big crises of capitalist international economy, neo liberalism and the international financial system Cuba and the Bolivian Alternative for the People of Our America (ALBA) demonstrate a new perspective of development showing new ways leading to a fair and peaceful world beyond the dominance of the financial markets, beyond capitalist competition and competitiveness and also beyond agreements of free trade as a new mean of colonisation. Because of its social, ecological and human achievements Cuba is the example for this Alternative. In Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and other ALBA-countries considerable results in the fight against poverty are visible. With Cuban help Venezuela and Bolivia were able to eliminate illiteracy and establish health care even for the poor. This was possible because the Cuban socialism has proven that poor countries are able to develop despite of difficult conditions and as a result of forming a welfare state whereas the market economy sermonizes that the welfare state is an obstacle preventing the economic recovery from the crisis. This proves the enormous benefits of the Cuban society that abandons nobody but guarantees a life in dignity and equity for all. Cuba and the progressive process in Latin America have to be an impetus for the Left and other progressive forces in Europe orientated against capitalism. Above this Cuba proves for us, that policy has to be inter nationalistic and that senseless forms of life and consumption have to change because quality of life is based on knowledge and culture.

We support the foundation of the Community of States of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC) as a further step on the way to Latin American-Caribbean integration.

We are pleased with the re-election of Hugo Chávez president of the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela. This was a great victory for the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and for all who want to continue the process of developing socialism in the 21st century.

The delegates at the 16th European Meeting for solidarity with Cuba propose that all organisations of solidarity support the action plans agreed upon in the three working groups (Freedom for the Cuban Five/against the common position/Media policy) and to fulfil them by actions organized in their own countries.

Long live the socialist Cuba!

Freedom for the Cuban Five!

Long live the international solidarity!

Unanimously, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany
11th of November 2012

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