Program overview

XVI European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Berlin from 11.09. – 11.11.2012

The meeting will take place at Hotel Kolumbus in Hohenschönhausen district in the east of Berlin, (former capital of GDR).

The delegates will sleep, eat and hold the meeting in the hotel, thus everything will be taking place under one umbrella.

Following intensive discussions at the Netzwerk-board and members' meeting, it was decided on 05.14.11 to set up working groups at that meeting.

We propose three groups with the following topics:

1. the five patriots

2. the EU common position towards Cuba

3. the media policy

There will be short lectures in order to get the working groups atuned.

At the meeting there will be no speaking contributions of the delegates in the plenum.

That is why we ask you to priorly send us short statements in writing about your work/experiences of the last two years to insert them into the conference folder.

On friday after dinner, there is planned a cultural evening with music, maybe film, and oportunities for the delegates to interact.

On saturday evening we would like to present an event with a representative of the European Parliament fraction „GUE/NGL“on the subject of the relations of the EU with Cuba. It will also take place in the hotel.

On sunday afternoon we could offer an optional sight-seeing tour of Berlin, if requested by several delegates.

Sample schedule of the conference:

(time designations are tentative)

Friday, Nov. 9th 2012

Afternoon: arrival of the delegates, accreditation

19h Dinner in the hotel

20h Evening of Welcome

Saturday, Nov. 10th 2012

09:00 h      Welcome and opening address by the host organization
Lecture by ICAP (president)

10:00 h short lecture:
the Cuban Five / the EU common position / the media policy

11:00 h Coffee break

11:30 h Beginning of the activity of the working groups

13:00 h Lunch and break

14:30 h Continuation of the activity of the working groups

16:30 h Coffee break

18:00 h Dinner and

20:00 h Event

Sunday, Nov. 11th 2012

09:00 h      Welcome by Cuban embassy and maybe additional (Cuban) guest

09:30 h  Results of the working groups with discussion

11:30 h Presentation of Final Declaration and Plan of Campaign with discussion

12:30 h Farewell announcements by ICAP

13:00 h Lunch

Delegates' departure or sight-seeing tour

Download the program of the solidarity meeting

European Meeting 2012.pdf (128.4 KiB)

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