Message of Solidarity to the European Meeting

by kristine karch

Solidarity Message from Kazakhstan to the European Cuba Solidarity Meeting

To the Embassy of Cuba in Kazakhstan

His Excellency,

Abelardo Fabio Hernandez Ferrer!

Dear Cuban Friends!

As a friend of Cuba I have always been showing solidarity with the activities of the Cuban Embassy in Kazakhstan and other Cuban Institutions.

I am very much satisfied that there is so many people around me showing their solidarity with Cuba.

I welcome the initiatives of the ICAP, an organization that does ist utmost to let the world know the truth about the heroic people of Cuba.

I wish to express my solidarity with all those who travel to the European Encounter in Berlin.

I support all activities of solidarity with the 5 Cuban heroes. They are not only remarkable sons of Cuba, but sons of the whole mankind and the whole world is proud of them. They present themselves dignified and firm. They are the true sons of their homeland.

I am absolutely convinced that anything that is done in the world to support Cuba will not be done be in vain. I

Sooner or later, justice will triumph.

The progressive part of the world, the community of the world and especially ordinary people of this world support Cuba.

I wish Cuba the fulfillment of all its desires.

I am sending my sincere and fraternal greetings to all Cubans and to the participants of the international encounter !


Bajyt Rustemov,

Kazakh writer and international publicist

Vice President of the Friendship Association Kazakhstan – Cuba

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