15 years, enough!

by kristine karch

Participants’ commitments in the

International Meeting for the Freedom of the Cuban Five

15 years, enough!

held in Havana, September 12th, 2013


The participants in the International Meeting for the Freedom of the Cuban Five held in Havana marking 15 years of the arbitrary detention of the antiterrorist fighters, we undertake the following commitments:


  1. To intensify actions towards and within the United States in order to demand President Barack Obama, who in full use of his prerogatives provided by the US constitution and, for humanitarian reasons, order to free Fernando Gonzalez Llort, Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez, Ramon Labañino Salazar and Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, and give them back in their homeland without any legal conditioning at all.
  2. To support the attorneys’ defense on the legal resources filed such as the Habeas Corpus and attorney MartinGarbus’ proposal to declare the rigged trial against the Cuban Fiveasunconstitutional. We propose the celebration of forums, debates and lectures with lawyers, not only in the US but worldwide on this significant aspect of the case.
  3. To support the organization of the International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban (Miami) Five to be held in London, in March 7th and 8th, 2014.www.voicesforthefive.com
  4. To focus our concerted organizational efforts on the support in the realization of the III Week of Denounce and Solidarity for the Cuban Five, event to be held in Washington DC, in May 2014, which we expect this to be the last one. [www.thecuban5.org - www.icap.cu]
  5. To intensify the work with parliamentarians in the whole world in order to issue a statement geared towards the US Congress and President Barack Obama demanding to free the Cuban Five; as well as encourage these Congressmen to visit the Cuban antiterrorist fighters.
  6. To support the promotion of actions to be held the fifth day of each month with letters and messages sent to the White House’s website, phone calls, and to urge worldwide renown people to write letters denouncing there are Five Cuban innocents incarcerated in US prisons.
  7. To request trade union movements around the world and religious people from different congregations, creed and cult in the whole world to exchange with their counterparts in the US and Canada and demand the immediate release of our comrades, including lobby in The Vatican in this regard.
  8. To keep working with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and other alternative media to continue denouncing the US government financing of Miami-based journalists in order to manipulate the US public opinion during the trial against the Cuban Five.
  9. To call the youth of the whole world, the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Students Organization (OCLAE, by the acronym in Spanish) and the World Federation of Democratic Youth to implement initiatives of their own in international forums, specially the XVIII Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students to be held this year in Quito, Ecuador.
  10. To make the most of cultural expressions (visual arts, literature, movie, theater and dance), as well as carry out national and international events that allow us to reach out for US intellectuals and artists to demand freedom for the Cuban Five.
  11. To continue promoting initiatives that lead us to reach the US people, such as that of the yellow ribbons, called by our Hero of the Republic of Cuba, René González Sehwerert, and explain to the peoples in the world the significance of this campaign.
  12. To set the base of our campaign on the contents of documents produced by the US government, as well as international organizations that have validated as arbitrary the detention of the Cuban Five. [What else can we do? Consult the documents at www.antiterroristas.cu]
  13. To achieve concerted actions of solidarity with Cuba movement to strengthen the claim of justice and freedom now for the Cuban Five.
  14. To increase the participation of friends of Cuba in the events organized by ICAP, such as the IX Colloquium for the Freedom of the Five and against Terrorism (November 13th to 17th this year) and the Third World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba to be held in Havana in October 27th to 30th, 2014.
  15. To send messages to the US Federal Bureau of Prisons to convey the urgent need of specialized medical care for Ramon Labañino.

Let’s work without respite to demand: Unconditional Freedom, now! ¡15-year incarceration is a shame! 15 years, Enough!

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