Greetings from Moskow



Russian Committee of the Fight for the Release of the Five Cuban Patriots

10th of November 2012

To the participants of the European Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba


Dear friends!

From the depth of our hearts we greet all comrades in our joint fight for the release of the five heroes in the fight against terrorism, for raising the disgraceful blockade and for ending any interference in the internal affairs of the island of freedom.

Exactly 50 years ago, during the days of the Caribbean crisis, courage and steadfastness of the Cuban people and its friends prevented a military invasion of the heroic country and opened a way for the whole world to prevent a nuclear strike. Today, facing the world capitalist economic crisis, Cuba and its Latin American brothers show an alternative system to the monopolistic oligarchy that condemns millions of people to suffer and sacrifice and plunges the whole mankind into a global disaster.

For more than 20 year virtually all countries of the world have been voting for raising anti-Cuban “sanctions” like the blockade, against aggression and genocide forbidden by international law during the November sessions of the UN. The one who tries to isolate Cuba is isolating himself. And that will be the same in the coming days, too.

The people of Cuba, always ready to help others in difficult situations, can now be sure of our solidarity during the hard days of removing the results of the natural disaster left behind by hurricane Sally.

May the work of forum of the European friends of Cuba be successful.


Russian Committee for the fight to free the Five Cuban Patriots


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